2021: New year, same ol' me

Published on: 2021-02-14

As someone who doesn't believe in New Year resolutions, I found it strange wanting to make a "list of my 2021 goals". However, after watching Ben Awads Technologies I'm Learning in 2021 I have decided to go against my beliefs and create my own "list of my 2021 goals". 

New years Resolution? Boo...

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Well, first of all, it's February...

Secondly, I am and always have been one of those people who believe that New Year's day is just another day. That there is no need to wait until the new year to start working on your goals. If you want to achieve something, then do it.

So why create a "new year, new me" list anyways. Consider this more of an accountability checklist for myself, a preview into what to expect from me.

Improve my writing skills

Many people will categorize these types of lists into 2 categories, personal and professional goals. This is a goal that fits into the grey area of both. 

I have wanted to improve my writing skills and be more consistent about writing for quite some time now. After reading (listening to) Jams Clears Atomic Habits, I know that if I truly want to improve my skills I need to make it a habit. I have started spending 30 min every morning before work writing before work.

My goal for this year is to continue this habit and write a total of 30 articles before the end of 2021.

Improve my design skills

At one point in my career, I would have considered myself a designer. I worked at a small agency and would work with clients right from the initial design phase of their project to the delivery of a completed website. Those days have faded off, and taken my design skills with them.

I haven't properly learned a design tool since the days of Photoshop, where I would save a large `.jpg` file, email it over to a client and cross my fingers that they knew how to open it. Things have evolved a little bit since then with the introduction of tools like Sketch and Figma. I will be choosing to learn how to use Figma as I feel it is and will be an industry standard for a while.

My goal for this year is to create an open-sourced design system that can be used to design multiple projects. I will also use Figma to design all of my projects this year.

Learn data modeling

Data modeling is something that I didn't know I didn't know until recently. Ironically, my first real programming job as a DBA, however at the time I had never worked with a database in my life.

A few months ago, I decided to start a small project. I had a decent idea, a good front-end tooling setup, even a few design ideas. It all came crashing down as soon as I realized I needed to plan out the data architecture. I realized that I, a former DBA, had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, the project is currently on hold.

My goal for this year will be to create a SAAS project that utilizes a Postgres database and GraphQL through Hasura.

That's it

Well not really. Like I mentioned, I am not one who believes in waiting for a certain date to learn something. I also believe that your personal goals should shift and grow with you as you grow. I am 100% sure that there will be new shiny things that come up in the world of front-end development this year that I want to learn.  

I hope to come back to this list next January and see if I have accomplished what I set out to do. I have a few fun projects in mind to help with my learning. I will be documenting all of these either via Twitch, YouTube, or blog posts to share my learnings along the way.